District 13 Meeting Minutes – 10/15/2019

Next District Meeting 11/19/2019

Troy C Opened the District Meeting and Troy C. Chaired the Meeting. Troy C. opened the meeting with a quiet time followed by the Serenity Prayer and Responsibility Statement.

Judy M read Traditions 1, 2, 9 and 12.

  1. Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA Unity.

  2. For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority – a loving God as He may express himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

9. A.A., as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards directly responsible to those they serve.

12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

Concepts 1 and 12 were read by Mike.

1. Final responsibility and ultimate authority for AA World Service should always reside in the collective conscience of our fellowship.

12. The conference shall observe the spirit of the AA tradition taking care that it never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds and reserve be its prudent financial principle; that it place none of its members in a position of unqualified authority over others; that it reach all important decisions by discussion, vote, and whenever possible substantial unanimity; that its actions never be personally punitive nor an incitement to public controversy; that it never perform acts of government; that, like the society it serves, it will always remain democratic in thought and action.

Troy C. Introductions were made and the sign in sheet was passed.

Troy C. went over the agenda. NAME HERE Motioned, Passed.


Treasurer’s Report – Dan C…. Not in Attendance, Sandi gave the report

  • Collected $655 from contributions. Paid out $955.53 for ACO bus, Prince of Peace rent, parking downtown, etc.

  • We now have $2003.50 in operating funds.

January 25th CASA Assembly- Troy C

  • Setting up a committee to meet at Alexian after the 8 am meeting, starting November 9th. Will discuss menu planning, etc. Ted V has agreed to spearhead the catering. All volunteers are welcome to come.

  • Volunteers needed for cleanup, setup, and picking up the food for the CASA meeting.

Finance Committee – Todd- not in attendance

Correctional Facilities Committee – Phil M.

  • Facilities are running business as usual. Sheridan continues to grow in attendance. Tomorrow night will be at DuPage County Jail.

  • Stateville is always has a good meeting. Kane County Jail is held on Mondays, but there has been a real lack of participation. Disheartening. Looking at ways to make this better…

  • John brought up bringing the inmates AA beginner’s kits. As Phil is unfamiliar with these, John will bring in a packet next month.

Directory and Literature Committee – Judy P.

  • We have some old and new directories. There is a new meeting on Thursday nights, in Medinah, at the old Medinah Baptist Church. Starts October 24th at 7 pm.

  • 12 Steps Illustrated will not be sold in the bookstore. 12 Steps Illustrated Calendar is still under review.

  • There is now limited space in the bookstore and some items are not selling frequently. Were considering taking on this role as part of the literature committee but have decided to leave the job of pulling literature the job of the CASO office.

Workshop Committee – Brian K.

  • Flyers on the upcoming GSR workshop were handed out tonight. Pass them out please! Geeting into the practice of meditation and guided meditation.

Public Information Committee/ Cooperation with Professional Community Committee – John M.

  • Attended the meeting last night at CASO, had 12 in attendance. The current chair, Joan, is stepping down in December, and a replacement has been found.

  • Had a table at the social work conference and had great traffic at their table.

  • Spent most of the meeting talking about the November 9th workshop for people interested in the CPC/PI committee. Will be held at CASO and starts at noon.

  • The “We Are Not Saints” convention is in January, and the CPC/PI committee will have a table there as well.

AA Grapevine Committee – Vacant

  • John stepped up and is interested in taking this position. He has done this duty in the past but would like to meet with the committee first.

  • Grapevine will cease to exist if we don’t support it, and subscriptions are way down.

Hospitals and Treatment Facilities Committee – Brian K, standing in for Mike R

  • Passed out a flyer regarding their new Bridging the Gap initiative. This is to support those exiting treatment facilities, in order to get them to a meeting or to a safe place.

  • Starting with Share but would like to branch out to all of Area 19.

Committee on Conferences – Steve B

  • Had a meeting October 9th. Recapped the ACO. Attendance was about 1,000 higher than last year, but the collection was less. However, after funds were totaled, only showed a loss of $977.

  • Getting flyers going for the November 16th workshop.

  • 2020 Correctional Facility Conference is getting a committee together and getting the planning ball rolling.

  • Illinois State Conference will be August 14th -16th. Speakers are lined up, and a preliminary budget is in the works. Of course, always looking for volunteers.

Special Accessibilities Committee – Mike M. not in attendance tonight

  • Got a small group together to bring a meeting to Dawn. Always looking for ways to help those in need, so keep an eye out and let Mike know

Website Administrator – Nazar Z.

  • We need an alternate for this. Debbie had mentioned last month that she might be able to do this. Will talk to her further

Secretary’s Report – Sandi S.

  • Spent $18 on copies of the minutes, will get reimbursed. Thank you!

District Chair Report – Troy C.

  • CASA assembly just passed. Monica was very impressed with our workshop guy, Brian K, who is a dedicated servant for our district.

  • Proposed budget came out for CASO. The next CASA meeting will entail voting on the proposed budget. Please review the budget or contact the finance committee with any questions/concerns/comments.

Alternate District Chair Report – Vacant

New Business

  • Nothing to report

Old Business

  • Nothing to report

Motion to Close - Troy

Meeting Adjourned with the Seventh Tradition and The Lord’s Prayer.

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