District 13 Meeting Minutes – 09/17/2019

Next District Meeting 10/15/2019

In Attendance: Adam K, Brian K, Daniel C, Debbie B, Dwight J, George M, Jim W, Joe B, John M, John O, John S, Johnathan F, Judy M, Mark C, Michael M, Mike C, Mike R, Paul S, Phil M, Sandi H, Scott H, Sheilah S, Steve B, Terry H, Terry O, Troy C, Veronica K, Jimmy P, Monica F

Troy C Opened the District Meeting and Troy C. Chaired the Meeting. Troy C. opened the meeting with a quiet time followed by the Serenity Prayer and Responsibility Statement.

Terry Read Traditions 1, 2, 9 and 12.

  1. Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA Unity.

  2. For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority – a loving God as He may express himself in our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

9. A.A., as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards directly responsible to those they serve.

12. Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

Concepts 1 and 12 were read by Terry also.

1. Final responsibility and ultimate authority for AA World Service should always reside in the collective conscience of our fellowship.

12. The conference shall observe the spirit of the AA tradition taking care that it never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds and reserve be its prudent financial principle; that it place none of its members in a position of unqualified authority over others; that it reach all important decisions by discussion, vote, and whenever possible substantial unanimity; that its actions never be personally punitive nor an incitement to public controversy; that it never perform acts of government; that, like the society it serves, it will always remain democratic in thought and action.

Troy C. Introductions were made and the sign in sheet was passed.

Troy C. went over the agenda. John Motioned, Passed.


Treasurer’s Report – Dan C.

  • Collected $1102.50

  • Paid out $463.62 for directories and such

Monica- Area 19 Chair

  • Spoke about CASA and its monthly rotation. Proposal is for us to host January 25th. The district is financially responsible for hosting. Will take a 7th tradition at the meeting to cover the expenses. Meeting runs from 10 am until 4 pm. Provide coffee, lunch, and/or other tasty treats. Feeding 100-125 people.

  • Brian K got approval from the church for the use of the basement, as well as coffee urns. The church requested an insurance certificate from us, which Brian will handle.

  • Volunteers will be needed for set up, signage on site, clean up, etc.

  • Motion passed to host this event.

Finance Committee – Todd

  • Not in attendance tonight, but Monica spoke about the meeting. The finance committee approved the budget and will present it at CASA Sept 28th.

  • The Archives Committee has been working on a book that highlights the first 20 years of AA in Chicago. Have been asking for quite some time to get a copy or some feedback on this book, to no avail.

  • Will be looking for approval or denial for funds being put towards translating some AA pamphlets and literature into Spanish and Polish. This will be put to vote Sept 28th as well.

Correctional Facilities Committee – Phil M.

  • Facility reports- was down at the corrections committee meeting 2 weeks ago and saw the video conferencing in action. Was at Sheridan, believes things are getting better over there, starting to work steps. Statesville is always a great meeting, they worked through all 12 steps, and have started over. Joliet Treatment Center is also starting to work steps, started with 6 guys at their first meeting.

  • Phil also goes to DuPage County Jail for meetings, where he just got permission to bring in audio tapes; as well as Kane County Jail, where participation has been non-existent.

Directory and Literature Committee – Judy P.

  • We have directories!

  • Still reviewing 2 books, The 12 Steps Illustrated, and The 12 Steps Illustrated Calendar.

Workshop Committee – Brian K.

  • Nov 9th will be the 2nd part of the meditation workshop, digging deeper into prayer and meditation. 5-8pm

  • GSR workshop on the 16th of November. Still working on food and other details. 9:30am-2pm

Public Information Committee/ Cooperation with Professional Community Committee – John M.

  • Attended committee meeting on Monday. Had 7 present and 2 on the video conference. Joan is the committee chair; she will be stepping down. Looking for alternate chairs.

  • DUI classes continue in District 14. Haven’t been able to get anything going around here but will keep at it. District 12 has some facilities there they are looking to contact.

  • Looking to get involved in PSA for Chicago television. PSA’s are available on the New York website

  • Local reporter reached out looking to do an article favorable to AA. John has been in contact with her.

  • We will have a table at the All Chicago Open. Stop by!

AA Grapevine Committee – Vacant, No Report

Hospitals and Treatment Facilities Committee. – Mike R

  • Got a team together to help him with this committee

  • There are a couple other facilities other than Share and Alexian. Mike reached out to Treatment Centers of Illinois, who look for someone about once every 6 weeks, and La Familia, which looks for speakers about once a month. Is there a certification for people who speak at DUI centers and such? John says no, but there is some guidance and pamphlets available for those that are interested.

Committee on Conferences – Steve B

  • Committee met this past Wednesday. ACO planning committee meeting was going on at the same time. Speakers and readers are in place. Now looking for help for the planning committee in 2020

  • Illinois State Conference is moving along well

  • 2020 Correctional conference will be in Chicago. Planning committee meeting will be Sept 23rd.

Special Needs Committee – Mike M.

  • Should I order AA books in different languages and keep those on hand? Thinking yes, that would be a good idea.

  • Mike working on bringing meetings to Dawn, who was just admitted to a nursing home. Missing her AA family.

Website Administrator – Nazar Z

  • Not in attendance

Secretary’s Report – Sandi H.

  • One new member, yay!

District Chair Report – Troy C.

  • All committees should have an alternate.

  • Most committees are filled now, yay!

Alternate District Chair Report – Vacant

New Business

  • Monica- Area 19 Chair- spoke about the video conferencing. Had mostly positive feedback regarding its use.

  • PI and CPC need help throughout the area.

  • International Conference for Alcoholics Anonymous in July 2nd- 5th 2020 is being held in Detroit. 60,000 alcoholics join forces.

Old Business

  • ACO bus tickets, 41 tickets have been sold. Will get a check from Dan to pay for the bus. Bus leaving at 4 pm sharp. Call Paul or Troy to get tickets in advance of Saturday’s take off.

Motion to Close - Troy

Meeting Adjourned with the Seventh Tradition and The Lord’s Prayer.

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