District 13 Meeting Minutes – 11/16/2021

Next District Meeting 12/21/2021

Meeting was hybrid

Attendance & Introductions:

Jim W, Debbie F, Paul S, Brian K, Scott H, Tom D, Dan C, John S, Dani P, Bob K, Jimmy P, Jim C, Randall,

Ashley E, Marilyn R, Mark C, MJ, Mike R, Ken, Steve B, Mike, George

Jim W opened the District Meeting and Jim chaired the Meeting. The meeting was opened with a quiet time followed by the Serenity Prayer and Responsibility Statement.

- Read Traditions 1, 2, 9 and 12.

1.       Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends upon AA Unity.

2.       For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority – a loving God as He may express himself in our group conscience.  Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

9.  A.A., as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards directly responsible to those they serve.

12.  Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.


Concepts 1 and 12 were read by MJ

1. Final responsibility and ultimate authority for AA World Service should always reside in the collective conscience of our fellowship.

12.  The conference shall observe the spirit of the AA tradition taking care that it never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds and reserve be its prudent financial principle; that it place none of its members in a position of unqualified authority over others; that it reach all important decisions by discussion, vote, and whenever possible substantial unanimity; that its actions never be personally punitive nor an incitement to public controversy; that it never perform acts of government; that, like the society it serves, it will always remain democratic in thought and action.

Jim advised that we are still looking for a secretary.  Asked if anyone was attending for the first time. – Ken, Mike, MJ

Jim W asked everyone to review minutes.  Motion to approve. Minutes approved.

Jim W went over the agenda. Motion to approve. Agenda approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Dan C.

Collected $187.00. Paid out $48.00 (Amazon web services, cell phone). Op funds $2,408.62 Pink Can total: $810.15.

      If sending checks, please put meeting number on the check.  You can find it in the directory.

      Tax stuff not yet squared away.

      Motion to send $750 to Chicago and $750 to New York. – Motion passed. ● Brian asked about Thanksgiving appeal.  Letters were sent out.

VCC Committee- Tom D

      Tu, Th, Sat meeting still going.  Attendance remains about the same.  Saturday best turnout – 8-10 attending and newcomers!

Finance Committee – Steve B.

      Meeting was 11/9.

      Group contributions up from last year by $20,000

      Individual contributions up from last year by $37,000

      Approved a $100 increase in the CPC budget

      Approved three units for air purification for the office - $900

      Write off of Polish big books $291

      Write off old service manuals $536

      Write off old Grapevine magazines $2,075

      Next meeting in January 2022

Brian asked what they are doing with the Polish big books – will be destroyed since they are older editions.

Correctional Facilities Committee – Phil M. (absent)

Directory and Literature – Vacant

      MJ asked what this position entails.

Workshop Committee – Brian K.

      Holding off on large events at the moment

      Vicki has one in the pipeline

Public Information Committee/Cooperation with Professional Community Committee – Scott H.

      Meeting on 11/8

      DUI speakers are on hold – not a lot of opportunities at the time ● Oak Park had a take back day for the youth.  Took a lot of pills!

      Members attended Skokie drug court – trying to initiate rehabilitation instead of jail

      Pace Bus project – budget discussion

      Tinley Park or Orland Park – went to the schools to reach out with 5 speakers for 10 minutes each with questions after

Paul asked for more information regarding the Skokie drug court.  Scott did not have details.

AA Grapevine Committee – John S.

John asked that each group get a Grapevine rep.  Urged members to subscribe to Here’s How.

  The Grapevine Committee met, both online and in person, November 9, 2021; welcomed KatieM. (CASO Office Manager) to our meeting.  We reviewed the current issue of Grapevine News; discussed a special project/request from Katie M. for our input on the potential distribution of

Grapevine/LaVina magazine backstock in Area 19

  Alternate Chair, Monique P. continued leading our discussion on how committee members’groups are accepting/integrating the new preamble language in their meetings; polled the group on any materials needs and on member gratitude Current Magazine Issues

  This month’s Grapevine featured section is: This month’s special section is “Prayer &

Meditation,” featuring powerful selections from the brand new Grapevine book Prayer &

Meditation. Also featuring stories of hope during the current COVID-19 pandemic

  Submit your stories for upcoming issues: Oldtimers! - Let’s hear from our long-time members!What was AA like when you came in? What have you learned over the years? (stories due Dec.

15 Important: We’re looking for stories of experience with each Step and each Tradition! (Pick a

Step or pick a Tradition and write about your experience!)

      This month’s LaViña Special Section is: “Family in AA.” Submit your Spanish-language stories onindividual steps and traditions

      Grapevine has a new podcast!! “The AA Grapevine Half-Hour Variety Hour” debuted Oct 4.Join Don and Sam each week as they interview a different member about their experience, strength and hope in a casual ‘meeting after the meeting’ manner. Special features will enhance each episode. New episodes available in English Mondays, 9:00 am EST. Visit https://www.aagrapevine.org/podcast to listen.

      New Book now available! *Prayer & Meditation* features stories by members of about themany ways they incorporate prayer and meditation in their daily lives (Now available - $11.50) ● We have changed printers, so watch for your Grapevine and La Viña magazines in a white mailer

      Grapevine and LaViña are live on Instagram!! Follow us at @alcoholicsanonymous_gv@alcoholicosanonimos_lv See daily quotes, know when our new magazine issues release, learn about new books and stay inspired by and connected to Grapevine and LaViña, and to AA as a whole.

      Want to Help Another Alcoholic? Carry The Message Project 2021 gives three easy ways toshare Grapevine & LaViña’s great twelve step tools! Learn more at

www.aagrapevine.org/carry-the-message or visit the Grapevine YouTube channel

Connect and Contribute

      Consider supporting Here’s How (Chicago’s monthly AA newsletter), in addition to Grapevineand LaViña. More information on subscribing and/or submitting content available at chicagoaa.org/heres-how/

      Sign up for emails from Grapevine and LaViña: Grapevine Daily quote, monthly newsletter,

Grapevine and Your Group (quarterly); LaViña weekly quote, LaViña news ww.aagrapevine.org/emails

      Grapevine is always looking for stories, photographs and illustrations. Visitwww.aagrapevine.org/share to learn more about how you can share with Grapevine. ● Record your story. Grapevine is collecting members’ stories in their own voices. Please visit: www.aagrapevine.org/audio-portal for additional information.

      Grapevine has a YouTube channel! Find member stories from Grapevine and La Viña as well asinformational videos. Visit and subscribe for free at www.youtube.com/aagrapevine

      Please relay this report to your group. Recommend your group purchase a GV/LV subscriptionto add to your group’s literature library. Visit www.aagrapevine.org for more information on these and other topics.

      The next meeting of the Grapevine committee is December 14, 2021, at 6:30pm

Ashley asked if there is a dollar amount or subscription count to not have Grapevine go under – John did not have this information.

Hospitals and Treatment Facilities Committee. – Mike R

      We are still waiting for the Information Packets (with client appreciations and postage paid, self addressed envelopes) regarding the Bridging The Gap program to present to Sara at Amita and Jill at Share! They can pass this info on to their counselors, or I can get permission to meet with their staff!

However, (separate email attachment sent) you will find an application to volunteer and some information from GSO regarding the “Bridging the Gap” program! PLEASE SEND THIS INFO ON TO THOSE IN YOUR GROUP THAT ARE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING!

      Meetings still continue at Amita/Saint Alexius Behavioral Center and Share!

      Yes! We could use more Big Books as The Meeting Tub at Share is again running dry!

MJ asked how people would be contacted.  Mike advised that it would be similar to being on the 12th step list.

Brian suggested we get someone to attend active meetings so we can update our district directory.

Committee on Conferences – Vacant

Special Accessibilities Committee – Randall

      Things are slow at the area level but busy in the New York office.  There is a new chair.

      A new community services page was created for people who live in underserved or remote communities.  This will be import for people in respects to geography, language and culture.  The page is in English, Spanish & French.

      There is a big book and 12&12 in American Sign Language live on the AA World Services YouTube channel.  All videos are available with close captioned in English only. ● New big book in braille.

      GSO has interviews with people in the Military that are AA Members.

Technology Committee- Vacant

Secretary Report – Vacant

Website Administrator – Nazar Z & John (absent)

      Jim advised everyone to go to the website and check out what is missing/what needs to be added.

      Brian advised that Nazar is available on Signal and that’s the best way to get in touch with him and advised that it would be nice if they could attend.

      Jim is going to be point in contacting Nazar to try to get things corrected.

Alternate District Chair Report – Debbie F.

      No report

District Chair Report – Jim W

      Attended CASA on November 13th.

      Area budget passed.  Brief discussion about the PI committee budget but motion passed.

      If you attend meetings that do not have a GSR you can ask why.

      Jim advised that we have a document that can be updated to include all GSR’s

      Thanksgiving appeal sent

      Get involved in twelve step work and area committees

      Sub committees to translate the fourth edition of the big book and separate committee to draft the new edition

      East Central Forum – registration open ● GSR experience – December 11th.

      All events are available on the CASA website

New Business

      Paul asked about the GSR Appreciation Dinner – Jim called the Seville and they are open.

      Brian said he would work with Paul to get the planning going.

      Brian will stop by the Seville and see if they have the third Tuesday of April 2022 open.

      Paul advised that we need to start thinking about Picnic dates for 2022. July 16th. ● Ashley to chair the picnic committee

Old Business

      GSR/Alt GSR Info verification for Group Services database:

>>Please click the link below (I will then grant you permission), then check the info, and mark a ✓ with your name in the yellow column, indicating the info is correct - make the corrections, if needed and then mark the yellow column<< https://drive.google.com/file/d/12eF9FxlGJOVSHWk4uespbMKEd_PgkXjH/view?usp=drivesdk


Next CASA Saturday January 13, 2022, hosted by District 3

Northbrook Civic Foundation, 2002 Walters Ave

Northbrook, IL 60062

Sharing 11:00am Lunch 12:00pm Assembly 1pm CT

Also on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 987 5972 6527 Passcode: 712021

To Join by phone: 312-626-6799 when prompted enter the meeting ID and password

Motion to Close – Jim W

Meeting Adjourned

Responsibility Statement

Lord’s Prayer

District Minutes Archive

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