Harry the Plumber08/17/2014Nice Job IAN ... Can we get pdf flyers for stuff like the OPEN , Busride, who has tickets ... Conference Schedule coming up this weekend ??? Let me know if I can help ... GREAT JOB !!!
Harry the Plumber08/17/2014Nice job Ian ... Can we get flyers on stuff like the open, bus ride, who has tickets ... Conference schedule coming up this weekend ??? GOOD JOB !!!
Phil J.08/01/2014Hello Alky's In the 4th edition of the Big Book,on page xxiv FOREWORD TO FOURTH EDITION. Last sentence: Modem-to-modem or face-to-face, A.A.'s speak the language of the heart on all its power and simplicity. Sign the guest book,and let us know how you mare doing. MARBLE PHIL
Ron D07/10/2014Thanks for the fine work you have done on the website.
John06/17/2014Could someone post the dates, times, and location for monthly District 13 meetings on this website? This would aid new GSRs greatly and seems like basic information that ought to be readily apparent when visiting the site. Also, the same information for committee meetings would place the District in the best position for maximum participation.
jason #210/18/2013just went to my first meeting at 1650 and that was an eye opener. Will definetley be going back. Thanks to all that were there
Harry the Plumber02/27/2013WOW !!! Nice job on the Website , impressed with the upcoming events. Henry C. , you are doing a Wonderful Job... Thanks for helping me ''Stay on the Beam'' today !!! See you Soon around the Tables ...
Mike B01/23/2013Website needs to be put up to date more often. we are still in 2102 info. thanks.
Ron D.01/17/2013If anyone came to this website because I announced it; SABH Thursday night First Step Group 8 pm, Please say Boo...
Ron D11/15/2012I'm sure Hank will take any constructive sugestions to improve the website; Nice work Henry!

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